Change of JFD Brokers’ legal company name

We would like to inform you that on 7th December 2018 the legal company name of our CySEC-regulated entity JFD Brokers Ltd was changed to become JFD Group Ltd. This will not impact the existing terms and conditions that govern our relationship with you as valued clients or any other aspects of the company’s structure (management, team members, website, email addresses, banking details, phone numbers and offered products or services). However, please note that the relevant legal documentation (such as Client Agreement, Privacy Policy etc.) has been updated accordingly and will be made available on our website for your review on 21st December 2018.

Following the acquisition of the German bank ACON completed recently, the abovementioned change of legal name is a planned next step in JFD’s roadmap for global expansion as a group of companies offering multi-asset self-trading, mirror trading, investment banking, portfolio management and investment advisory services. It will allow us to run our operations more efficiently providing you with the best possible solutions available in the market today – something which has always been our highest priority. We will continue working hard to make the upcoming 2019 another year of great success and respectable achievements for all of us!

In addition, we would like to notify you that we have updated Appendix V of the Client Agreement (Policy to Act in the Best Interest of the Client) increasing your protection in compliance with recent changes in the legal framework. The new document is available on our website for your review.

We wish you successful trading with JFD!