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Daylight saving time changes in the trading hours in October 2019

Dear traders,

With regard to the upcoming daylight saving time (DST) changes, we would like to notify you that from 27th October 2019 (when DST ends in Europe) up to and including 3th November 2019 (when DST ends in the USA), JFD's platforms server time - visible on the charts of your terminals - will be temporarily set to CET (GMT+1).

As a result, the following adjustments in the trading hours of the respective instruments will take effect:

  • All FX pairs will open and close 1 hour earlier compared to GMT.
  • All Bullion pairs will open on Sunday (27th October) at 22:00 GMT and close on Friday (1st November) at 21:00 GMT with 1-hour daily break from 21:00 – 22:00 GMT.
  • All US time-based instruments will open and close 1 hour earlier compared to GMT.

For more details about the exact opening and closing time of all instruments available within JFD’s multi-asset class offering, please review the Contract Specifications.

It is strongly recommended that you review and eventually adjust the settings of your running EAs that could possibly be affected by this update. This will help you prevent unexpected situations.