JFD protects you for the upcoming Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

On 15th November 2018, we will temporarily suspend trading on the Bitcoin Cash CFD (BCHUSD) to fully protect you against the uncertainty associated with the upcoming Hard Fork split that will result in the creation of 2 new cryptocurrencies - BCH and BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision). Although such splits are natural phenomena that occur regularly in the crypto markets, they generate significant volatility. Such turbulent conditions normally lead to decreased liquidity levels generating major price fluctuations.

Therefore, we have decided to take this measure applying an extra layer of protection for those of you who trade Bitcoin Cash. The suspension will remain valid until further notice from our side. It is highly recommended that before 15/11/2018 you close any open positions in BCHUSD as well as check the settings of relevant EAs running on your account to avoid unexpected situations. Stay tuned for upcoming updates on the topic.

You will still be able to trade the 4 other cryptocurrencies commission-free taking full advantage of JFD’s multi-asset offering diversifying your portfolio.

We wish you successful trading!