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JFD’s Trading Platforms Continue Crushing It

Ranked among the best CFD and Forex companies in many consecutive years in the past, JFD is proving as a leading financial services provider again. A recent independent study by €uro am Sonntag put JFD at the top positions in the industry, including 1st place for having the best trading platform.

The reputable German media scrutinized 12 CFD providers actively offering trading and investment services in the country and evaluated their performance in 4 main categories – Trading; Costs; Security, Reporting & Taxes; Training & Technology. The long list of criteria included order types, deposit insurance, slippage, trading hours, hedging, company support, news and research, training offers, trading costs and many other. More than 700 data points formed the basis for this national CFD industry ranking.

The outstanding results of the survey were published in the latest issue of €uro am Sonntag, emphasizing the many strengths of JFD’s offering along with developments of the industry in Germany and around the world.

Some of the categories, where JFD excels in 2019 include:

Overall rating - Very good 

Trading category - Very good

Trading platform - Very good (1st Place)

Order types and trading hours – Good

Training and technology - Very good 

The full €uro am Sonntag CFD-Broker study with more details about the advantages of trading with JFD can be found on the publication’s website.