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Upcoming changes in JFD's Oil CFD trading specifications

The historical devaluation of the crude oil futures is causing extreme volatility in the respective markets. We are witnessing another Black Swan event in line with the economic implications of the globally expanding COVID-19 pandemic.

In such critical circumstances, we have decided to increase further the required margin for the following financial instruments available for trading at a spot price:

Brent Crude Oil 25% 75%
WTI Crude Oil 25% 100%

This change will take effect on Friday afternoon (24/04/2020). Moreover, please be informed that WTI Crude Oil is currently set to close only. For a complete overview, please refer to the Contract Specifications.

JFD reserves the right under this current force majeure event to discontinue Oil CFDs from its offering anytime from now onwards and close open positions at fair market value.

You must monitor your account's equity carefully, ensuring enough balance to sustain any open trades.