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Upcoming reverse split of AIV’s stock

We want to notify you that on Tuesday (01/12/2020), the stock of AIV (Apartment Investment and Management) will undergo a reverse split at the ratio of 2019:2500 (for each share, the investors will receive approx. 0.8076 shares, and the current share price will increase approx. 0.8076 times). This corporate event will impact both the physical instrument and its CFD equivalent available for trading in JFD’s platforms.

Therefore, we will perform the necessary adjustments to any open positions in the respective instruments. If you have associated pending orders (including Stop Loss and Take Profit levels), you should close them by 01/12/2020. Otherwise, we will do it before the market opens on the date of the split.

In the meantime, you may visit JFD Research to read the latest news and analysis of the financial markets with plenty of actionable insights published by our experts.