Designated sponsoring & market making

JFD Bank has as a Designated Sponsor and Market Maker the task of ensuring the liquidity of its clients' shares and increasing them in accordance with the rules and regulations of Deutsche Börse AG in Frankfurt. Through a proactive approach that goes beyond the minimum requirements of the stock exchange, JFD does not only provide increased liquidity in the respective shares, but also contributes to the efficiency of trading by reducing the liquidity discount in the share price and finally to lower capital costs of the traded company.

Advantages of proactive designated sponsoring

Creation of liquidity
Increased liquidity through continued commitment and manual allocation.
Improvement of order book quality and reduction of excessive volatility.
Reduction of the price markdown by increasing liquidity.
Reduction of capital costs and creation of financial leeway
Reduction of the company's capital costs.
Reduction of the liquidity discount and increase in the valuation of the share in line with the market, whereby financing measures can be created via the capital market.
Contribution to the company's investor relations activities
Support of the IR work of the company through charts and statistics.
Analysis and provision of market data.
Preparation of roadshows.
Capital market information for issuers
Provision of direct and up-to-date information regarding trading activities in the share.
Receiving needs-driven and continuous information about trading.
Monthly 'DS-Summary-Sheet' with important stock exchange and trading information.


Frank Reitinger
Senior Trader
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Marlene Tavernier
Senior Trader
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