CFDs on Futures Contracts Available for Trading in March 2018

The following new CFDs on futures contracts will be available for trading from the relevant date. Please refer to the tables below (the time shown is London time).

Materias Primas Símbolo Contract Month Visible Date Visible Time
London Gasoil.LnGasoi_J8abr 201802/03/201816:30
Índices Símbolo Contract Month Visible Date Visible Time
German 30 Index Futures.DE30_M8Jun 201809/03/201812:00
Germany Tech 30 Index Futures.DETEC30_M8Jun 201809/03/201812:00
Germany Mid-Cap 50 Index Futures.MDE50_M8Jun 201809/03/201812:00
Dollar Index Futures.DX_M8Jun 201809/03/201820:00
US Dow Jones Index Futures.US30_U8Sep 201815/03/201820:00
US 500 Index Cash Futures.US500_U8Sep 201815/03/201820:00
Singapur Blue Chip Index Futures.SING_J8abr 201821/03/20189:10
India 50 Index Futures.IND50_J8abr 201821/03/201810:10
China A50 Index Futures.CHINA50_J8abr 201822/03/20188:30

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Please note that the data above is presented solely for guidance purposes as it is subject to change by the respective exchanges. Therefore, JFD should be exempted from any liability deriving from any possible amendments made by the respective authorities.