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Experience mirror trading with a difference: invest in top performing strategies selected by JFD. An easy to use, cost-effective and time saving solution.


Develop a diversified strategic investment portfolio with JFD's multi-asset mirror trading solution.

There is only a 25% high-water mark performance fee. You don’t pay any setup or management charges.

According to your risk tolerance and preferences, you may expect a possible 20-40% annual yield from a chosen strategy.


Sign up for a JFD Invest profile.

Open an Invest account with JFD.

Connect your JFD Invest profile to your Invest account.

Deposit and start following your preferred strategies.


Return %
Equity/Balance Deviation
Last Month

Les données présentées dans le tableau ci-dessus sont actualisées tous les jours. Des statistiques sur le rendement des stratégies peuvent être fournies sur demande.

Les performances passées ne sont pas une indication des résultats futurs. Ceci n’est pas et ne doit pas être considéré comme un conseil en investissement ou un conseil financier.


There is no investor who hasn’t experienced how difficult or complicated investing can be, and who hasn’t wished they had made the right choices at the right moment. We save you time and money by offering you pre-selected strategies that have been tried and tested by our team.


No set-up or management fees. Standard trading commissions still apply.
Bulk order execution. Equal execution and trading conditions for orders following the same strategy. Learn more about how bulk execution works.
Multi-asset solution. Build a diversified portfolio to mitigate risks by copying strategies trading on forex, precious metals and CFDs on indices, commodities.
Exécution 100 % DMA/STP. No conflict of interest, full anonymity, and no manipulation.
INFRASTRUCTURE INFORMATIQUE HAUT DE GAMME. Our servers are directly interlinked to multiple liquidity pools to facilitate the fastest possible order execution.
No need for a VPS installation. Your account is on our JFD servers. Trading 24/5.
Mirror Trading

Des questions ?

How do I register for an Invest account?

1. First, sign up to create a JFD Invest profile. After completing your details and submitting the sign-up form, you will receive an email verification link to create your profile. After you verify your email, you can log in to the web terminal to see the basic information and data for the available strategies.
2. Once logged in, in the left-hand menu sidebar click on the “Invest” button.
3. A new window will appear, where you should click on the button “First Invest Account”.
4. On the next page that will open, you will be asked whether you have a “My JFD” profile (having at least one registered live trading account):

4.1 If you do, you will be referred to the “My JFD” page to log in and complete only a suitability test assessing whether JFD Invest is suitable for you based on your knowledge of the offered investment products.

4.2 If you do not have a “My JFD” profile yet (not having at least one registered live trading account), you will need to complete the full account opening form (AOF). Your Invest account will be registered once you complete the relevant steps.

5. After this, you will need to return to the web terminal where you will be able to connect your Invest account to the JFD Invest profile. You can do so by clicking on the “Connect Existing Account” link in the window that will appear when you click on the “Invest” button in the left-hand menu sidebar.
6. Deposit and start investing by following your preferred strategies.

Can I follow more than one strategy at once?
Yes, you can follow simultaneously many strategies with only one Invest account.
How many Invest accounts can I have?
You may have as many accounts connected to your JFD Invest terminal as you prefer.
Comment la taille de la position de trading est-elle déterminée ?
La taille de la position de trading que les comptes d’investisseur recevront dépend du rapport entre le montant des fonds propres du fournisseur de la stratégie et le montant alloué du souscripteur.  Toutefois, il est fort probable que la taille, les risques et le rendement des transactions soient proportionnels si les montants investis sont similaires ou supérieurs à la valeur nette du compte qui fournit le signal en raison des limites de taille de position minimale. Pour plus d’informations, reportez-vous à l’onglet Résumé de chaque stratégie.
How do you execute bulk orders?
How do you execute bulk orders?

JFD Invest terminal connects all investors who have selected to follow the same strategy with their Invest accounts. Once this strategy generates a trading signal, it is replicated in the accounts of all investors following the strategy. As a result, all single orders are combined into two final orders sent to the liquidity pool for execution:

  • The first order is placed in the account of the strategy provider that is being followed
  • The second order (“bulk order”) is placed combining the volumes of all respective single orders associated with the accounts of the investors following the strategy

The bulk order execution model ensures that all investors following a given strategy will have the same trading conditions and performance. If the bulk order execution model is not applied, the first orders sent by followers will benefit from a better price, but this also will increase the gap in the execution of each consecutive order affecting its performance. No investor wants to get a worse price compared to other investors following the same strategy.

What is a high-water mark (HWM)?

The high-water mark (HWM) over equity presents the highest peak of the value an investment has achieved so far. The high-water mark model ensures that an investor would not pay any fees for a mediocre performance, but only if he/she is making money.

In other words, a high-water mark ensures that if the net asset value of the investor’s equity allocated to a specific strategy falls in the end of one investment period (e.g. a month) below the all-time high value reached by the strategy in the end of a previous period, the performance fee will not be charged. It will be charged again only when the respectively allocated investor’s equity (funds) reaches a new all-time high value in the end of a new investment period.


What is a high-water mark (HWM)?

Point A

Let’s assume in the beginning of the month the starting equity is 1000 units. In the end of the first month (point A), equity is rising up to 1200 or we have 200 units profit. That point is marked as a high-water mark because it has reached the highest level of the equity and that is why for those 200 units profit, a performance fee should be paid.

Point B

This is the end of the second month and we have again equity rising from point A to point B. Based on the HWM principle, a performance fee should be paid based on the equity rising from point A to B, or the rising of equity between 1200 and 1400. As in the previous example, the performance fee should be paid over the 200 units.

Point C

In the end of the third month, equity has decreased, so no performance fee should be charged at all.

Point D

Despite that the all-time high was reached during the mid of the month, in the end of a four- month period, the equity is again down and still below the HWM at point B and equity of 1400 it reached a few months earlier. As before, a performance fee should not be charged.

Is the high-water mark fee charged on account or on a strategy level?

The high-water mark fee is calculated and charged for a followed strategy irrespective of the total account balance.


You follow 2 strategies. Strategy A gains +200 EUR reaching a new high profit mark at the end of the month. On the other hand, Strategy B has a -200 EUR drop in performance. The HWM fee will still be charged but calculated only on the amount won by the first strategy during that month (200 EUR), no matter that your total account balance at the end of the month has not changed.

Qu'est-ce que la gestion des risques et comment elle fonctionne?

La gestion des risques est un système de contrôle des risques automatisé qui permet aux investisseurs d'appliquer des niveaux de contrôles de protection pour leurs investissements. Dès que le pourcentage de «risque» spécifié est déclenché ou dépassé, la relation d'investissement est automatiquement résiliée et l'investisseur est désabonné de la stratégie.

Le montant initialement investi représente 5 000 unités de devise dont le niveau de gestion du risque est fixé à 20% ou à 1 000 unités de devise. Les investissements démarrent et atteignent leur maximum ou atteignent 5 500 unités monétaires. Le niveau de gestion du risque de 20% à ce sommet tolérance de perte de 1 100 unités de devise. Avec l’augmentation de l’investissement, le niveau de gestion du risque de protection de 20% est calculé à partir du montant le plus élevé atteint par l’investissement.