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Upcoming spin-off by Fortive Corporation

We want to notify you that on Friday (09/10/2020) Fortive Corporation will separate Vontier Corporation spinning off 80.1% of Vontier's common stock outstanding shares to Fortive’s shareholders, making both companies independent and publicly traded. As a result, Fortive’s shareholders will receive two shares of Vontier common stock for every five shares of Fortive common stock held until the spin-off completion date.

As JFD does not offer Vontier’s shares, all our clients who will be holding open positions on Fortive Corporation’ stocks at market close on 08/10/2020 will receive in their trading accounts the monetary equivalent of the applicable number of Vontier’s shares. This transfer will be proportional to the size of the respective open positions.

You may read more about the spin-off on Fortive’s website. To read the latest stock market news and analysis, you may visit JFD Research, where you will find plenty of actionable insights published by our experts.