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Wirecard’s turmoil: JFD protects your trading account funds

Following the accounting issues that Wirecard Bank AG is currently facing with its auditors, we would like to assure you that JFD has taken all necessary measures to segregate and safeguard its clients’ funds through Barclays Bank UK.


Please note that as of today the option to deposit funds to your live trading accounts via Wirecard will be disabled. However, you will still be able to execute withdrawals from the bank, which will be processed with a delay, within 48 hours. Withdrawals via Barclays Bank are faster (taking up to 24 hours) but come with a transaction fee charged by the bank. However, JFD will cover the costs for the first withdrawal in USD per quarter.

You can find more details about all Deposit and Withdrawal options on our website or by logging into your profile on “My JFD” portal.